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Kamiak Center for Institutional Research Computing

Next-Gen HPC Naming Contest

Planning for WSU’s next HPC is underway, and it needs a name!

The following are the five finalist submissions. Vote for your favorite using the form below the descriptions by January 4th!


Camas is a perennial herb with pale to deep blue flowers. It is a species of the genus Camassia (which is in the same family as asparagus) and is native to western North America. Camassia species were an important food staple in parts of the American Old West. Many areas in the Pacific Northwest are named for the plant including Camas, Washington; Lacamas Creek in southern Washington; and the Camas Prairie in northern Idaho.


Kaleetan peak (6,259 ft. above sea level) is a prominent summit located in King County of Washington state. It is a part of the Cascade Range within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness about four miles northwest of Snoqualmie Pass. The mountain’s name is derived from Chinook Jargon for “arrow” which reflects the shape of its peak.


Reinhold Messner is an Italian mountaineer, explorer, and author from the Italian province of South Tyrol. Among other accomplishments, he completed the first solo ascent of Mount Everest, the first ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygen, and was the first climber to ascend all fourteen peaks over 26,000 ft. above sea level.


One of the world’s largest and biologically richest inland seas, the Salish Sea stretches between British Columbia and Washington state.  It includes a number of major bodies of water such as the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia, and Puget Sound.  Salish also refers to larger groupings of indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest and Canada who speak one of the twenty-three Salishan languages (further grouped into Coast Salish, Interior Salish, and Bella Coola).


A notable Chief in the Upper Palouse, Tilcoax held together a confederation of tribes in cooperation with Chief Kamiakin of the Yakama tribe. He also led the Palouse warriors during the Skitswish (Coeur d’Alene) war in 1858.

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The person who submitted the top name will receive a Starbucks mug and $50 gift card! The winner will be notified by email and must come to the CIRC offices to claim their prize. In the event that the top submission is from a CIRC employee, a random drawing will be held from all submitted entries to determine the contest winner.