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Kamiak Support

Kamiak System Updates

Software Packages

The following updates have recently been made to the software packages on Kamiak available to users via the module system.

  • Stay tuned for updates.

Slurm Job Scheduler

The following updates have recently been made to the Slurm job scheduler and resource manager on Kamiak.

  • idev  [Sep 21 2017]  A new version has been installed.    
    If you have problems, please use idev-old, and let us know.   See ‘man salloc’ for options that can be used to reserve a job allocation.  Recommend using ‘srun -I’ to launch a task without hanging.   Default time is 60 minutes.  Use ‘-t yourMinutes’ to override.
  • xdev [Sep 21 2017]  Newly installed.
    This is a version of idev that supports X11 forwarding from a compute node.  Use ‘srun -I –x11’ to launch a task. Be sure to use ‘ssh -Y’ or more secure ‘ssh -X’ to log into Kamiak.   VNC, which is faster, is planned to be made available later this fall.

HPC Infrastructure

The following important changes have recently been made to the nodes, operating system, network, and storage of the Kamiak HPC cluster.

  • Stay tuned for updates.