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WSU Cuts Ribbon on New High-Performance Computer

Washington State University faculty, staff and administrators have cut the ribbon on a $1.3 million high-performance computer, heralding a new era of gleaning insights from large and unwieldy masses of data.

Called Kamiak, the computer operates on a condominium model in which researchers purchase nodes, guaranteeing storage and computing power. When the nodes are not in use, they are available to other researchers, giving all the users, or “investors,” more computing resources than if they bought stand-alone systems. Read More

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Kamiak adopts SLURM
Kamiak has now joined the majority of the clusters on the top500 list, including the fastest computer in the world Tianhe-2, in using SLURM as their scheduler/manager. We believe SLURM will provide researchers with the best possible user experience on Kamiak. Information on how to use SLURM can be found in the job submission section of the Kamiak User’s Guide. For those who are used to writing PBS job scripts, a handy “rosetta stone” can be found on the schedmd web page.

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