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The Enhanced Condominium Model

The Kamiak cluster is managed under the general principles of condominium computing. Investors (individual researchers or groups of researchers) purchase compute nodes and storage from our service catalogue. These resources are then installed in Kamiak and administered by the Kamiak system administrators. Investors in the Kamiak cluster are guaranteed on-demand access to their purchase.

Additionally, unused compute resources are made available to the general user community through a backfill queue. However, this general access to resources can be preempted at any time by investors when they want to use the resources they have purchased. Investors are also given priority access to the backfill queue. The enhanced condominium model thus allows individual investigators or groups to access more computing resources than would be available by purchasing a stand-alone system.

Service Options

Customers may purchase between 1 and 10 nodes without prior approval.  Customers wanting to purchase more than 10 nodes must get the approval of the CIRC Advisory Committee.

Customers may install and use any software needed.  If installation assistance is required, an average lead time of 2-4 weeks should be expected.


Nodes and Storage may be purchased by any member of the WSU research community regardless of their geographical location or unit affiliation.

How to Order

If you would like to become an investor in Kamiak please visit our Service Desk.

Typically, new nodes are deployed within 6 weeks of clearing WSU purchasing.


Kamiak is designed to provide 24x7x365 availability with minimal unscheduled downtime.  Maintenance windows, during which changes and enhancements to the system are made, are scheduled monthly.  When maintenance tasks require Kamiak to be taken offline and job processing to halt, an announcement will be made at least 2 weeks prior to the window. See here for further information.

Service Catalogue

Standard Compute Nodes

Please note that these prices are estimates and are subject to change.

If you are planning on purchasing a node or applying for grant funding, please contact our Service Desk for up to date pricing and availability, or alternate configurations.

ProcessorsCores per NodeMemoryLocal DiskNetworkingBudgetary Estimate
Dual Intel Xeon Silver 411624192 GB 2666 MT/s DDR41 x 400GB SSD2 x 10GB SFP+
single-port FDR InfiniBand
$9,800 / 5yrs
Dual Intel Xeon Gold 613840384 GB 2666 MT/s DDR41 x 400GB SSD2 x 10GB SFP+
single-port FDR InfiniBand
$16,500 / 5yrs

Special Compute Nodes

If you are interested in purchasing a non-standard compute resource, i.e. an accelerator equipped node or a large memory system, please submit a request to our Service Desk to get an up to date budgetary estimate. For reference purposes, below are the budgetary estimates for the specialty nodes currently installed on Kamiak.

ProcessorsCores per NodeMemoryAcceleratorLocal DiskNetworkingBudgetary Estimate
Quad Intel E7-4880v2602TB 1600MT/s DDR3 ECCnone600 GB 10k RPM SAS 6Gbps2 x 10GB SFP+
dual-port FDR infiniband
$57,300 / 5yrs
Dual Intel E5-2660v428256GB 2133MT/s DDR4 ECCDual Tesla K80 GPU (9984 CUDA cores)400 GB Solid State Drive @ 6 GBps2 x 10GB SFP+
dual-port FDR infiniband
$17,500 / 5yrs
Dual Intel E5-2670v324256GB 2133MT/s DDR4 ECC256GB 2133MT/s DDR4 ECC Dual Xeon Phi 5110P coprocessors
(120 physical cores)
2 x 60GB 6 GBps SSD
2 x 1TB 7.2k rpm SATA
2 x 10GB SFP+
dual-port FDR infiniband
$16,000 / 5yrs


All users are provided with a 10GB home directory thanks to the generous contributions of our initial investors. Users may also take advantage of the performant scratch file space to temporarily store data. If you would like additional long term “Project Storage”, this can be purchased through the Service Desk in either 100GB or 500GB increments.

Storage TypeUsable Storage AmountDisk TypeTransfer RateYearly Cost
Project Storage100GB unit7.2k RPM6GBps$12 /year
Project Storage500GB unit7.2k RPM6GBps$56 /year

Service Level

Kamiak support responds to problems Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Issues are typically resolved within 2 business days with escalated response times for critical problems.