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Kamiak News, Events, and Training

Recorded Training Events

10/24/2019 – Intro to Kamiak

To view the recorded session – Click Here


When finished, please take the following survey to help us plan and improve future training sessions:

Training Documents:

Useful Links:

In order to participate in this training, you will need:

  • An account on Kamiak. New account requests can be made at –> Logins and Accounts –> Request an Account.
    • If you do not have an account, please request one as soon as possible to allow our team time to set up your account before Tuesday.
  • A device that you can use to access Kamiak
  • The capability to transfer files – See more at
    • We will be teaching you how to perform file transfers in this workshop, but please make sure that you have everything installed to do so in advance


06/09/2017 – Parallel Programming

An 8 part recording of the most recent Parallel Programming workshop can be found here.

Useful links:

Presentation Slides

Source Code

Post-Workshop Survey

Useful links:

Common VIM text editor commands

C tutorial (v1)
C tutorial (v2)
C tutorial (v3)

OpenMP Tutorial


1/20/2017 – Beginning HPC Tutorial

Presentation Slides: combined-training-slides

Recording of the afternoon training session: