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Kamiak News, Events, and Training

Training Events

Introduction to Kamiak

If you took the training course, please take the following survey to help us plan and improve future training sessions:

A recording of the Fall 2021 session will be uploaded here after the course is complete.  Please note that there are some commands that are specific to queue reservations set up for the live course. Those commands will not work if following along after the course has concluded.

Training Documents:

Useful Links:

In order to participate in this training, you will need:

  • An account on Kamiak. New account requests can be made at –> Logins and Accounts –> Request an Account.
    • If you do not have an account, please request one as soon as possible to allow our team time to set up your account before the training session.    If you do not have a sponsoring PI, we will set up a temporary account for you for the training session.
  • A device that you can use to access Kamiak
    • Windows 10 users should have the Windows Subsystem for Linux and Ubuntu installed before the training session.
      • Please see the Kamiak Cheat Sheet, Appendix 1 ( for instructions on installing Ubuntu on Windows 10.
      • If any Windows users are not running Windows 10, please inform us before the training session.
    • Please test your ability to connect in advance by following the instructions here:
  • The capability to transfer files – See more at
    • We will be teaching you how to perform file transfers in this workshop, but please make sure that you have everything installed to do so in advance


06/09/2017 – Parallel Programming

An 8 part recording of the most recent Parallel Programming workshop can be found here.

Useful links:

Presentation Slides

Source Code

Post-Workshop Survey

Useful links:

Common VIM text editor commands

C tutorial (v1)
C tutorial (v2)
C tutorial (v3)

OpenMP Tutorial


1/20/2017 – Beginning HPC Tutorial

Presentation Slides: combined-training-slides

Recording of the afternoon training session: