What is Kamiak?

Kamiak is a High Performance Computing Cluster

The Kamiak cluster consists of a collection of powerful computers, called nodes, connected by a high-speed network. Applications can run in parallel over many cores and across multiple nodes to speed up solving large problems. From the user’s point of view, the cluster appears as one large single system with a Linux operating system that is accessible through ssh.

Kamiak is a Condo

The Kamiak HPC cluster follows a condominium model in which the compute resources are purchased by faculty investors and colleges, while the University provides the facilities, infrastructure, and staff to support research computing. The condominium model fosters growth and continuity of the HPC resources, while the centralized infrastructure and staff ensure a high quality of service and support.

Kamiak is a Community

Kamiak provides a uniform user experience to all computational researchers at WSU. Having a centralized system lowers barriers to collaboration by providing a space in which researchers from across the university can store data, share code, and build communal software.