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Kamiak Center for Institutional Research Computing

What is Kamiak?

Kamiak is a High Performance Computing Cluster

The Kamiak cluster consists of a collection of cutting edge computers, or nodes, all connected by a high speed local network. From the user’s point of view, this appears as one large single system with a unix operating system that is accessible through ssh.

Kamiak is a Condo

The Kamiak condo provides the cyber-infrastructure (racks, switches, PDUs, …) necessary for cluster computing, but the compute resources are purchased by our investors. This┬ácentralized infrastructure lowers costs by reducing administrative overhead and redundant management.

Kamiak is a Community

Kamiak provides a uniform user experience to all computational researchers at WSU. Having a centralized system lowers barriers to collaboration by providing a space in which researchers from across the university can store data, share code, and build communal software.